Our Story

Dr. Stewart Surloff

Dr. Stewart Surloff, a podiatrist from Akron, was in the midst of raising his two young daughters, Shelby and Abbey, with his wife Mimi when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in February of 2001. Throughout his journey with cancer he often wondered what other people did when faced with a diagnosis who didn’t have a built in support system of family and friends like he had.

While facing his struggle he found “There is more to cancer than chemotherapy and surgery” and so it was a dream of his to open a facility that offered non-medical support services to those affected by cancer in his community.

Stewart and Mimi Surloff

Through an endowment left when he passed, Mimi Surloff led a group of dedicated community members to establish Stewart’s Caring Place in 2003.  In October 2004, Stewart’s Caring Place: Cancer Wellness Center opened it’s doors to the community. 

Today, Stewart’s Caring Place continues to carry Dr. Surloff’s legacy on by providing supportive services and programs, in a relaxed and caring environment, all at no cost, to individuals and families touched by cancer.

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