Education & Screenings

Stewart's partners with local hospitals to provide educational information sessions as well as certain cancer screenings. Here you will also find educational online videos that are accessible for you to watch in the comfort of your own home at a time that’s convenient for you.

Resilience – Thriving Not Just Surviving

Join Triage Cancer for a special webinar on resilience and the power to not just survive after a cancer diagnosis but to thrive. Living life resiliently requires a balance of many things and is far from effortless. Not unlike a garden, cultivating resilience requires intention, patience and effort which allows us to grow. 


Fostering Resiliency in Families Facing Cancer

Resilience is defined as, “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”. While some people have a natural ability to “bounce back” from challenging situations, most of us need help in navigating something as serious as a cancer diagnosis. Learn how to engage your natural strengths, pull together specific resources, and build new skills to create a stronger and more resilient family. Presented by Triage Cancer.

Cancer Nutrition Tips & Truths

In this session, we will cover topics including popular nutrition myths, 5 core truths about nutrition and cancer, nutrition tips for managing side effects, and what to eat for optimal well-being for cancer survivors during and after treatment. Get your questions answered as Julie coaches you through facts, truths and practical methods to decide what’s right for you! Presented by Triage Cancer.


Working Through Treatment

Once you have decided to work through treatment, it is important to create a plan and think through the various steps that you can take to make the process as smooth as possible. The webinar will cover: What and whom to tell when disclosing a cancer diagnosis in the workplace, workplace laws that protect patients at both the federal and state levels and how to use them, how to arrange reasonable accommodations in the workplace under the ADA, and practical strategies to manage treatment side effects and modify their schedule in the workplace. Presented by Cancer & Careers.


Plant Based Eating for Cancer Survivors-Do’s and Don’ts

A plant-based diet has been shown to improve health, help your body function at its best, and save money! Many cancer survivors and cancer caregivers have heard that plant-based eating is recommended, but they aren’t sure exactly what it means or how to know if they are doing it. While plant-based doesn’t mean you have to exclude meat, it does mean including plenty of disease-fighting plant foods. Watch this fun and informative webinar to learn practical and tasty ways to transition to more plant-based meals. Presented by Triage Cancer. 


Managing Long-Term Stress

In this webinar, we will help you think about your priorities and how you can balance your job, family and own well-being to avoid letting stress get the best of you. Discussion will include how to: preserve what is most important to you during and after your treatment, identify tools to help you maintain your best performance at work, stay in control of your work and your life, and set reasonable boundaries at work and express them professionally. Presented by Cancer & Careers. 


Managing Finances

Cancer is expensive. This presentation will cover tips to improve your financial health after a cancer diagnosis and treatment, including; steps to take to rebuild your credit, how to deal with medical bills, options for financial assistance, and things to think about before considering filing for bankruptcy. Presented by Cancer and Careers. 


Write for Life: Communicating Your Way Through Cancer

Twenty years of research indicates that expressive writing – dealing with one’s deepest thoughts and feelings – may contribute to improved physical and emotional health. Through writing prompts, games, and innovative exercises, this webinar will explore self-expression, coping with fear, and managing the challenges that cancer brings. Presented by Triage Cancer.


Healthy Organizing: How to Regroup and Create New Systems After Cancer

Being organized and productive in the home or office can be challenging at times for anyone, but once someone has been through cancer treatment, the challenges can multiply and result in organizational “stuck spots.” This webinar seeks to help survivors and caregivers uncover unrealistic, effective, and most importantly maintainable systems to get back to a level of organization that fits and supports. Presented by Triage Cancer.


Disability Insurance

Understanding how federal and state laws, employer policies, and disability insurance work together is key to being able to take time off work, maintain an income, and protect one’s job and employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. There are also options for caregivers who need to take time off work. This session will cover the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family & Medical Leave Act, state leave laws, and disability insurance options, and explain how they can work together. Presented by Triage Cancer. 


Don’t Stress the Stress

This webinar will really explain what stress is, how it affects everyone differently, and most importantly, provide simple common sense and doable techniques to get your stress under control. Presented by Triage Cancer. 


Health After Cancer Treatment

This webinar discusses common symptoms post-cancer treatment including fatigue, sleep changes, cognitive changes, and lymphedema. Presented by Cancer Support Community. 


Talking to Kids & Teens About Cancer

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, one of your first thoughts may be: How do I tell the children? Children are very sensitive to what is happening around them. They can sense when something is wrong and the adults they love aren’t talking to them about it. Not telling a child what the family is facing leaves them to imagine situations that are often worse than things really are. Not being able to talk about their concerns can leave them feeling isolated, alone, sad or worried. Presented by Triage Cancer.

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