New display at Stewart’s Caring Place Healing Art Gallery

AKRON — Stewart’s Caring Place, a cancer wellness center serving 36 counties in Ohio, has announced the opening of “Sound + Color,” a new exhibition featuring work from a group of all-female painters that will be on display in its Healing Arts Gallery from March to June. The opening reception is scheduled for March 20 from 6 to 8 p.m. and features an immersive audio experience pairing with the artwork.
“Sound + Color” is a celebration of life in art featuring more than 80 original paintings by Julienne Hogarth, Eileen Dorsey and Meaghan Milner Reed — all Northeast Ohio-based artists.

“Artwork is like a warm embrace, inviting us into a world of creativity and expression,” said Sarah Vojtek, president and CEO of Stewart’s Caring Place. “It transcends clinical boundaries, touching our hearts and souls. As a local nonprofit, we deeply value partnerships and collaborations, recognizing that art has the power to unite communities and ignite positive change.”

This year marks three years of art exhibitions at Stewart’s Caring Place’s Healing Arts Gallery, which has showcased the work of more than 100 local artists. “Sound + Color” is an early spring awakening with a spectacular array of flowers, forests, birds and animals that each artist has captured with their own distinct and vibrant voice,” said Mac Love, Stewart’s Caring Place’s art planner and curator of the exhibit. “Visitors will recognize and appreciate the magic of this artwork the same way they do a day in our parks system. It’s a wonderful tribute to the healing power of nature and the communities we build.”

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